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Windows Store Mod Support Might be Coming Soon

Windows Store mod support

There are so many digital stores for PC gamers to use right now and it is no secret that many prefer Steam over anything else. One of the multiple things holding the Windows Store back is, without a doubt, mod support. The PC gaming community loves their mods and since the Windows Store currently doesn’t have mod support for games, it is just another reason to stay clear.

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This might all change as mod support could be coming to the Windows Store soon, according to a folder found by an eagle-eyed Reddit user Pycorax. Apparently, a “ModdableWindowsApps” folder has been found and this points towards PC gamers being able to add mods to their games from the Windows Store.

To make things more official, a reference to the folder was found in Windows Dev Center official documentation, explaining that:

Specifies a folder under the %ProgramFiles%\ModifiableWindowsApps path where the contents of your desktop application’s install folder are projected so that users can modify the installation files (for example, to install mods). This element is currently intended to be used only by certain types desktop of PC games that are published by Microsoft and our partners.

It would be a great move by Microsoft and a step in the right direction for the Windows Store if with a future update, PC gamers could mod games bought from the Windows Store. Right now, however, no release date or official announcement has been made, apart from Microsoft reportedly mentioning that they are working on something like this a while back.

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Do you own any games on Microsoft’s store and which games would you load some mods for first if (or when) this feature arrives? Let us know in the comment section below.


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