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Glitched Africa launches and creates a new destination for African gaming and lifestyle content

When GameZone joined forces with Geek XP back in July 2018, it was the start of something much bigger. Back in August of 2017 the GLITCHED video game YouTube show starring Pippa Tshabalala and created by her and Marco Cocomello aired and it was an instant success. The show was a 20 to 25-minute experience where gamers could catch up on local gaming events, tournaments, watch gameplay previews and even see a few reviews of current games on the market. The show was an attractive pull for GameZone’s audience so when the time came for a rebrand there was no doubt that turning the Glitched YouTube vision into a standalone website would create a new destination for everything gaming and lifestyle.

Glitched Africa is a brand-new hub for video game, tech, geek and esports content from Africa and beyond.

“I fell in love with the Glitched brand the day I first saw it. It instantly had my attention with its future-tech vibe and I remember looping the video intro over and over again picturing in my mind just how the brand would look as something even bigger. I knew that one day I wanted to create a cool site for cool things modelled after the vision of Glitched. This is now Glitched Africa. It has been built with the love for all things gaming and geek and by the passionate people behind GameZone, GeekXP and Glitched,” says Marco Cocomello: Managing Editor of Glitched Africa. is now live and will continue to grow as it expands its plans into the African market. You can visit to dive into your daily fix of gaming, tech, geek and esports content. For more information and business related queries please contact Marco Cocomello at or Les Allen at

Note from editor: Welcome to our new site. We hope you like it. I am sure there will be a few bugs in the system and a few things may look a bit wonky as we nail down all the issues but I do hope you bookmark and visit as much as you can. This site marks the beginning of something really cool as we expand on topics and into genres I have been waiting so desperately to tackle. Let us know what you think about our new look in the “new” comments section below.

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