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We Took a Tour Through The Marvel Avengers STATION Exhibit

Marvel Avengers STATION Exhibit

If you are a Marvel fan then you are going to love this. Today in Las Vegas, I took a break from all the CES 2019 madness and went on a tour through a pretty awesome exhibit at Treasure Island. The Marvel Avengers STATION exhibit is a giant interactive showcase of all the Marvel Avengers props from the movie.

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Yes, this meant that we were standing just a glass pane away from Thor’s actual suit from the film series. The exhibit also includes the likes of Black Widow, Captain America and a load of Iron Man suits. They may have also been a giant Hulkbuster somewhere that we wish we could have climbed into and walked away with.

Tickets were kind of pricey at $34. Not too bad if you live in the States but our Rand is pretty crappy at the moment. The tour lasts around an hour and it’s pretty great to check out. The movie props are all cool to see and knowing that the actors wore them is pretty epic too. I do wish there was a bit more to it like some Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe some Spider-Man but I guess to fill the entire showcase with all the best Avengers would mean you would need a pretty big hall.

Check out the tour of the place in a little video we took below:

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