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The First Twitch Game is Here, Co-Developed by Guitar Hero Maker

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Amazon’s live-video service, Twitch, announced a while back that it will be developing its own game. Now the first Twitch game is here. Called Twitch Sings, this karaoke-style game was co-developed by the maker of Guitar Hero and Band Hero and can be played on PC right now.

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This first Twitch game is free to live-stream and was co-developed by Harmonix Music Systems – the same company that was behind Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Twitch Sings launches with a big library of close to 2000 cover-style songs. This Twitch game analyses how well you’re hitting each note of popular hits, and gives players XP when they’re performing well.

What makes Twitch Sings so unique is its audience element. As you live-stream your game on Twitch, viewers can request songs and challenge each other. Players can perform duets by one player recording and uploading their part and then the other player has to match their part of the duet to the recording.

If you don’t want to go on camera, you can create and customise your own onstage avatar. You can also change your stage and choose from a variety of performance backdrops. Players can also choose to not live-stream their performances onto Twitch. They can record performances and are able to edit and tune their songs before uploading them onto the platform. Or you could choose to not share your performances at all.

Songs can be organised into playlists for you to easily access your favourites.

Twitch went live in 2011 and has since grown considerably in popularity, especially in terms of live-streaming gaming content. This marks the first time the Amazon-owned streaming service has co-developed its own game.

Are you going to be playing Twitch Sings or are you going to be giving this game a skip? Leave us a comment below.


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