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THQ Nordic to Reveal Three Games in Three Days Starting Today

THX Nordic

Publisher THQ Nordic revealed late last month that they have 80 games in development, with 48 being unannounced titles. That’s a whole lot of titles and we are quite interested to hear about some of these unannounced games. If you feel the same way, then the next three days will be pretty exciting. THQ Nordic announced that over the next three days starting today (5 June) they will announce three new games.

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THQ Nordic’s pre-E3 plans were announced on Twitter and the publisher got so excited about these three games that they even messed up the time zone a bit in their original announcement, later explaining that they meant CEST time instead of CET time. For South Africans, that’s 5 June at 16:00, then 6 and 7 June both at 19:00.

I have absolutely no clue what these three games can be, but I am personally hoping for a new “Destroy all Humans” and I do suspect at least one of these titles will be a mobile game. Further, there’s the Timesplitters franchise as well as Red Faction that might be other options for these three unannounced THQ Nordic titles.

We will, of course, be covering all three the THQ Nordic game announcements so stay tuned.

What do you hope to see from these three game announcements? Let us know in the comment section below.


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