Blu-Ray Players
  • By Nastassja Robberts
  • 18th Feb 2019

Samsung Stops Manufacturing Blu-Ray Players

Samsung has confirmed that it has stopped manufacturing its own Blu-ray players. It was first rumoured that the South Korean tech company would stop making any new models of 4K Blu-ray players, but it

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Tencent Reddit
  • By Nastassja Robberts
  • 15th Feb 2019

Tencent Reddit Investment Ignites Firewall Fears

Reddit has been known for years as one of the most liberal places on the internet. It supports free-speech and open discussion, even on topics that are considered off limits. The platform has become k

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Gmail Right-Click
  • By Nastassja Robberts
  • 12th Feb 2019

Gmail Right-Click Has Finally Been Improved

One of the main frustrations for users of the mail service by Google has been the horrible Gmail right-click features. The current Gmail right-click menu has a few options and features that some users

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MSI PS63 Modern
  • By Marco Cocomello
  • 11th Feb 2019

MSI PS63 Review

Back at CES earlier this year, I met a laptop that I was confident would be a strong contender in the market for Apple's MacBook range. The MSI PS63 Modern is a workforce laptop that is sleek, powerfu

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