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Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Up and Running After Day-Long Outage

If you were trying to get your social media fix in last night and you were welcome to blank white boxes on Facebook, WhatsApp connectivity issues and Instagram loading errors then you were not alone. There was a massive Facebook outage around the world which has now been resolved. Facebook has issues loading images, videos …

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WhatsApp Status Sharing to Facebook and Other Apps Coming Soon

WhatsApp Status Sharing

WhatsApp will soon be bringing a new WhatsApp Status Sharing feature to Android and iOS. The new feature will let users share their WhatsApp status across other apps like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook and Google Photos. The WhatsApp Status Sharing feature will then post your shared status across other apps and see it expire after 24 …

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WhatsApp Ads Will Start Appearing in-App From 2020

WhatsApp group blacklist feature

We have heard rumours about WhatsApp adding adverts into the chat app for a while now and it seems that they will be arriving much sooner than expected. Users can start to expect WhatsApp ads in the app from as early as next year according to Facebook. The announcement was made at the annual Facebook …

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New WhatsApp Malware Infects Users With A Missed Call

WhatsApp group blacklist feature

Major WhatsApp malware has been discovered which infected multiple users’ mobile phones through in-app missed calls from unknown numbers. The Facebook subsidiary has confirmed reports that exposed the malware. The malware which was discovered to be created by an “advanced cyber” group – Israel’s NSO Group – was confirmed by the company. After the report …

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WhatsApp Limits Text Forwarding to 5 Recipients to Help Stop Fake News

WhatsApp Forwarding Limit

We all get them. Those forwarded texts from you aunty saying she won a Pick n Pay voucher that is actually a huge scam. Or those articles from those dodgy sites spreading political fear. The new Whatsapp forwarding limit promises to help prevent this sort of thing from spreading. Related: Westworld Mobile Game Shutting Down After …

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