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Sonic Movie Delayed to February 2020 so They Can Fix Sonic

Sonic The Hedgehog

The live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film will not make its November 2019 release after being delayed in order to fix the CGI character. The movie has recieved widespread backlash since the teaser trailer showcased an ugly and questionable Sonic character design. Instead of releasing in November 2019, the film will now debut on 14 February …

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The First Sonic The Hedgehog Live-Action Movie Trailer is Here and You Are Not Ready

Sonic The Hedgehog

This morning we reported on the leaked images that revealed Jim Carrey’s role in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog Movie as Dr. Robotnik/Eggman. Well, the little hope I have had all along for the film vanished faster than Sonic’s rings after he lands on spikes thanks to the new movie trailer. The first official trailer …

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Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik in the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Looks Perfect

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Until last night, I had no idea that Jim Carrey was starring in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie and I am quite excited about it now. A leaked photo of the comedy king was put online that revealed his role as Dr. Robotnik/Eggman and it looks like the role was made for him. The …

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Sonic the Hedgehog Looks Ugly as Upcoming Movie Image Leaks – Former Sonic Team Head Responds

Sonic the Hedgehog

There is a Sonic the Hedgehog movie currently in development but we don’t know much about is such as what Sonic actually looks like. All we have seen so far is a silhouette of everyone’s favourite hedgehog and according to that, he boasts quite a questionable look. Yesterday an image leaked online which could be …

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