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Fortnite’s Cube Is Gone And a New Location Appears

Fortnite's Cube

Last night, the Fortnite one-time, in-game event took place and it was watched by over one million people on Twitch. There existed an unspoken “don’t shoot” rule between Fortnite players as most just hovered near the cube to witness the event. At first, it started pulsing, with not much else happening. Some players soon got …

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Ninja To Host a 12-Hour Fortnite New Year’s Eve Broadcast in Times Square

Ninja New Years Fortnite

Fortnite superstar and Twitch celebrity, Ninja, is getting a 12-hour livestream spot in Time Square to usher in the new year. The event kicks off at 7 PM ET and runs until 7 AM ET the following day. YouTubers, streamers, and celebrities will join Ninja for a Fortnite battle royale showdown as they ring in …

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