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Study Shows That Kids Who Play Violent Video Games Are More Likely to be Drawn to Guns

Violent Video games

A study conducted by the Department of Psychology at Ohio State University has claimed there are possible links between violent video games and aggression and gun interest in children. 220 children aged between eight and twelve were studied. The kids were exposed to three different versions of Minecraft. Of which, all three versions had a …

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Giveaway – Win an Awesome Minecraft 10th Anniversary Hamper

Minecraft Giveaway

Minecraft is celebrating its 10-year anniversary and to spread the festivities we have an awesome Minecraft giveaway to share. We have a “Celebrating 10 Years” hamper to give away valued at R900. The Minecraft giveaway hamper includes some great Minecraft swag including a snap-back cap, T-Shirt*, wallet and more. How to Enter? Entry is simple. …

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Minecraft May Be The Best Selling Game Of All Time

Best Selling Game

Minecraft is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and might also be the best selling game of all time. As part of its 10 years anniversary, the Creative Director of Minecraft, Saxs Persson, shared some very impressive figures for the game, which could mean that it’s the best selling game of all time. RELATED: Windows 10 …

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Microsoft Teases a New Minecraft Mobile Game with AR

Minecraft Mobile Game

Microsoft just teased a brand new Minecraft mobile game with augmented reality features. At the end of Microsoft’s Build 2019 keynote, the company showed off a video which showcased a Minecraft mobile game which has AR features. RELATED: New Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Swings In, Containing Major Endgame Spoilers The video is a very sweet …

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