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Layers of Fear 2 Review

Layers of Fear 2


Co-Editor at Glitched Africa
Wessel is Glitched Africa's Resident Afrikaans Guy (RAG) with a passion for all things esports, cats and gaming in general. Dota 2 addict, Dark Souls veteran and all around geek.

The original Layers of Fear was, without a doubt, a great horror game that many will describe as a walking simulator with some puzzle solving. That would be a fair description but it held up in so many ways, from its eerie atmosphere to its dark mysteries you had to solve. With Layers of Fear …

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Awesome May 2019 Games Coming Your Way

May 2019 Games

May might be the start of the annual gaming drought but that does not mean there is nothing new to play. May 2019 games have a few jewels hidden away if you go looking for them including some highly-anticipated titles such as Warhammer: Chaosbane, A Plague Tale: Innocence as well as the awesome-looking Rage 2. …

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