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Battlefield V Hands-On -South African Servers, War Stories and More

Battlefield V First Impressions

I’ve played just over thirteen hours of Battlefield V, and so far, the game has exceeded my expectations. Battlefield V has the potential to be one of the greatest installments of the series. It definitely outperforms Battlefield 1 in every aspect; be it visually, gameplay, or features. Related: Battlefield V: Every Edition and How You …

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10 Reasons To Be Excited About Battlefield V

10 Reasons to be excited about Battlefield V

My excitement over playing Battlefield V has gone through different stages. When EA first announced the game in May, I was impressed with the overall look, new features, Tides of War, and so on. However, that initial positive impression changed to “mixed” the more I looked at The Company feature and the game’s historical accuracy. …

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Battlefield V’s Final PC Requirements Listed Including RTX Specs

Battlefield V's final PC Requirements

DICE listed Battlefield V’s final PC requirements and they are exactly the same as that of the alpha and beta builds. What is new, however, is the final PC specs for Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 20 series GPUs and Microsoft’s DirectX Raytracing. Battlefield V – Minimum Requirements OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 …

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DICE Explains Battlefield V’s Microtransactions & Progression Systems

Battlefield V's microtransactions

This time, EA is doing it right, right from the start. First, there is no Premium Pass for Battlefield V which means all players can progress through every chapter of the long journey together. Secondly, Battlefield V’s Microtransactions structure doesn’t launch with the game but only becomes available at a later stage. You will never …

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Battlefield V: Every Edition and How You Can Play Early and Get Extra Content

Battlefield V Early Access

Even though BFV officially launches on November 20, there are several Battlefield V Early Access options available for those who want to enter the front lines sooner. But, before we talk about all the options available to play early, don’t forget to make use of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass giveaway that ends on October …

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Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode to Launch in March 2019

Battlefield V's battle royale

Battlefield V’s battle royale mode “Firestorm” will launch in March 2019 as part of the live service, Tides of War. EA announced the news last night as part of the Battlefield V roadmap. Battlefield V launches on November 20 with eight multiplayer maps, eight game modes, and four War Stories. Grand Operations also releases on …

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Battlefield V Server Tick Rate Revealed & Why It Matters

Battlefield V servers

Earlier this week, Treyarch responded to concerns from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players over the significant drop in server tick rates. During the beta, the servers ran at 60Hz on PS4, but with launch, it dropped to 20Hz. Treyarch was quick to respond and explained that their first priority was to make sure …

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Battlefield V Xbox One File Size Revealed

Battlefield V Xbox One file size

According to the Microsoft Store, the Battlefield V Xbox One file size is approximately 31.89 GB. While that might look smaller than expected, you have to remember that it doesn’t include any DLC’s or patches. We saw with the Red Dead Redemption Xbox One file size that the Microsoft store listed it as under 90GB, …

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Battlefield V’s War Stories – Everything You Need to Know

Battlefield V's War Stories

Battlefield V’s War Stories is one of the main reasons why I want to play the game. I found the single-player campaigns in Battlefield 1 to be unique, gripping stories, that offered hours of immersive gameplay. Each chapter transported the player to a beautiful setting, filled with strong characters, and compelling dramas. Battlefield 1 delivered …

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Battlefield V War Stories Official Single-Player Trailer is Everything You Want It To Be

Battlefield V War Stories

EA DICE just released the official trailer for Battlefield V War Stories and it will blow you away. For me, one of the highlights of Battlefield 1 was the single-player campaigns, and if the new trailer is anything to go by, it is going to be even better. The trailer pulls back the curtain to …

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