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New Nintendo Switch Model to Release in 2019

New Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is just over a year old now and it is doing very, very well. After the utter catastrophe that was the Nintendo Wii U, the gaming brand is on a stride with their latest hybrid console and the Nintendo Switch shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. We could even see a new Nintendo Switch model by the end of 2019.

According to new rumours, Nintendo plans to release a new Switch console by the end of 2019 to counter the console sales losing momentum. The console would be out for 2.5 years by the end of 2019 which means sales of the device could slow down by then, a natural occurrence with gaming hardware. The new Switch model will follow Nintendo’s past history of revised consoles with a new LCD, perhaps a bigger display and maybe even a thinner device.

If Nintendo’s past is an example of what to expect, we could see improved battery life, a smaller, thinner device with more screen space and improved internals such as better BlueTooth and Wi-Fi chips.

The rumours stem from the Wall Street Journal that claims they have insider information regarding the hardware revision. If this is true, the new Switch model could be out by the end of 2019. We will not see any announcement until the company is ready to reveal it which usually takes place two/three weeks before they release new hardware revisions.

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