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Michael Jordan Jumpman Comes to Fortnite

Michael Jordan

Fortnite is known for its awesome limited time modes, like its recent Avengers: Endgame limited time mode, as well as the John Wick event. Both these limited time events coincided with the release of the movies. Now, Michael Jordan jumped on board the Fortnite bus too with the Fortnite x Jumpman limited time mode.

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It’s called the Downtown Drop Limited Time Mode by Michael Jordan and features creative artists NotNellaf & Tollmoloa. If you thought this limited time mode was all about basketball because Michael Jordan is involved, think again. The limited time mode is actually focused on skateboarding, where Fortnite players are able to launch off massive jumps and grind down a Brooklyn-inspired downtown setting, while collecting coins and other cosmetic items.

Michael Jordan

Most of the Michael Jordan limited time mode is free in Fortnite, with players being able to complete free challenges to unlock the Back Board Back Bling and its additional nine style variants as well as four unique sprays. Players can buy the Hang Time Bundle, which comes with a Grind Outfit, Clutch Outfit and a challenge pack that is unique to the bundle.

Fortnite continues to bring fans of the popular battle royale game from Epic Games new ways to play and items to win. The game has proved itself to not just be a one-hit wonder by keeping its content fresh and exciting, drawing in new players and keeping the dedicated fans entertained with new ways to play, and challenges to compete in to win unique items. All of these efforts has set Fortnite apart from the other battle royale games that seem to struggle to keep their player numbers consistently high over a long period of time, like Epic Games been able to achieve with Fortnite.

Are you going to be jumping into the Michael Jordan limited time mode?


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