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Man Spends Over R22 Million on a Justice Online Character, Friend Sells it For R8000

Justice Online NetEase China Character

It is not uncommon for gamers to let their friends play on their characters in MMORPGs, especially when things come up and you can’t, for example, make it to a raid in time. However, this is one example of how things can go horribly sideways and even induce legal proceedings. A man in China spent $1.4 million on a character in Justice Online and his friend (or rather, ex-friend) sold it for $552 accidentally.

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This news comes from a report from South China Morning News, in which a man in China took his friend to court for selling a game character he spent $1.4 million on for just $552. Converting this to Rand, the man spent over R22 million on the Justice Online character and his friend accidentally sold it for just over R8000.

The report explains the situation, stating that:

The man filed a proceeding against his friend and NetEase after the friend mistakenly sold off the character from the MMORPG Justice Online for just 3,888 yuan (US$552). The defendant said he was trying to sell the character back to his friend for 388,000 yuan (US$55,138), as he had been given the character to play. He attributed the typo to being dizzy from excessive gaming at the time. 

This case was settled and the man got his very expensive character back. NetEase revoked the transaction after mediation of an online judge took place and the buyer was paid roughly $13,000 in damages. A friendship was probably lost during all of this, but the amount spent on a character in Justice Online is simply mind-boggling.

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What do you think about this whole debacle and that someone spent over R22 million on an MMORPG? Let us know in the comment section below.


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