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11 Million iPhone Batteries Were Replaced In 2018

iPhone Batteries

In its financial reports for 2018, Apple has stated that it has replaced 11 million iPhone batteries last year. The massive amount of iPhone batteries that were replaced was probably the result of a drop in repair prices in the US. Apple has been getting multiple lawsuits filed against it for apparently throttling older devices’ performance to boost sales of newly released devices.

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Shortly after the lawsuits started piling up, the company confirmed that it had been throttling some older devices when the battery is cold or low on power. Thereafter, Apple announced that it would be replacing iPhone batteries in the US for $29 instead of the usual $79 until 31 December 2018. That’s a massive price drop and could explain why the company saw such a huge influx of replacements being done on batteries in iPhones.

This financial report containing the massive amount of iPhone batteries that were replaced in 2018, comes after Apple CEO, Tim Cook, assured everyone that the company is doing just fine. This is despite the fact that Apple failed to reach its projected financial targets, which resulted in a significate drop in share prices for the tech company. However, the company still managed to make more than a pretty penny, racking up $265 billion in 2018, despite the company’s sales reaching $84 billion, as opposed to the previously forecasted $89 billion to $94 billion.

Apple’s lower-than-expected sales for 2018 could be linked back to more iPhone batteries being replaced, with consumers choosing to rather extend an old device’s life, than investing in a new device.

Meanwhile, Tim Cook said that the company has big plans for 2019, mentioning the introduction of “new services“ in a recent interview he conducted after he released the lower-than-expected sales figures. He didn’t divulge more information, so we will have to wait and see what Apple has in store for us in terms of new devices and services in 2019.


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