Captain Marvel Post-Credit
  • By Sillicur
  • 21st Feb 2019

Captain Marvel Post-Credit Scenes Confirmed

Even though there is some negativity towards the upcoming Captain Marvel film, we can't be more excited to see it. From all the trailers I've seen so far and every little bit of detail revealed, Capta

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Pepper Potts
  • By Nastassja Robberts
  • 20th Feb 2019

Avengers: Endgame Is The End For Pepper Potts

Since the first Iron Man opened up the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the world in 2008, Pepper Potts (portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow) has been at Tony Stark aka Iron Man's (portrayed by Robert Downey Jr)

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Aquaman 2
  • By Nastassja Robberts
  • 29th Jan 2019

Aquaman 2 May Be Directed By James Wan

With Aquaman floating in as the highest grossing DC movie of all time (surpassing the old record-holder, The Dark Knight), it doesn't come as a major surprise that an Aquaman 2 is reportedly in the wo

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