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Fortnite Updates Will Be Halted To Help Pros Prepare For Competitions

Fortnite Updates

Epic Games has announced that some Fortnite updates will be paused to help professional players gear up for any upcoming official competitions. This announcement comes before the upcoming Australian Open.

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In an attempt to help professional players prepare for official Fortnite competitions, Epic Games has announced that it will pause certain Fortnite updates leading up to competitions. There will now be periods – ranging from a few days to up to a week – where certain updates won’t be taking place in the popular game. The first of these pause periods will happen before the upcoming Australian Open competition. The competition will use the core Battle Royale modes.

Epic Games assured Fortnite fans that the game will continue to update every week. However, Fortnite updates might be paused or adjusted to cater to the competitive needs of professional players during official Fortnite competitions.

We value the ability of players to adapt to the game changing over time. We also believe these changes keep Fortnite fresh for everyone including players, competitors and spectators. However, we want to provide reasonable time for you to adjust strategies following large gameplay impacting changes, for example prior to official Fortnite competitions. This time window could range from a few days to a week of a release.

This news comes after Epic Games has been gathering feedback from professional Fortnite players over the past six months. The biggest complaints were about game-breaking weapons like the Compact SMG and Infinity Blade.

The game’s weekly update schedule has also been criticized in the past by the competitive community. The argument is that weekly Fortnite updates make it harder for competitive players to prepare and strategize for competition, which is something Epic Games is obviously trying to address now.

Fortnite was a bigger-than-expected smash hit for Epic Games, so it makes sense that the company continues to learn what the community wants and needs from the game.

The game hasn’t been without its fair share of controversies, with it recently being revealed that 80 million accounts are vulnerable because of security flaws.


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