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The Next Fortnite Event Will Be A Marshmello Virtual Concert

Fortnite Event

The next big Fortnite event is pretty fun and exciting. It’s been spotted that the EDM DJ, Marshmello, will be performing a virtual concert for the next Fortnite event, set to take place on Saturday (02 February 2019).

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The virtual concert by Marshmello is set to be held at Pleasant Park, which is a Fortnite suburb. The setting is perfect for a virtual concert, as it has a big American football field, which is perfect to set up a fun virtual get-together. The stage is currently under construction in Pleasant Park if you want to take a peek.

Marshmello has even listed the virtual concert as a gig on his website, which is a cool touch and an indicator of just how big Fortnite events have gotten. This isn’t the first Fortnite event Marshmello will be a part of. At last year’s E3, Marshmello and gaming celebrity, Ninja, competed in (and won) a celebrity Fortnite tournament. The pair still plays and streams the game together sometimes.

Fortnite events have been known to pull in droves of players, and this coming weekend’s event promises to be a big one. This is the first Fortnite event to feature a virtual concert, and it will be exciting to see what the experience will be like. Previous events featured fun entertainment elements like a floating ice lake, rolling purple sphere, and a rocket launcher.

Epic Games has to still officially confirm the upcoming Fortnite event, but it’s safe to assume that it will be happening this weekend. With the stage under construction and the date listed on Marshmello’s tour schedule, it’s basically a sure thing for fans of Fortnite.

Will you be attending the virtual concert held by Marshmello in Fortnite over this coming weekend?


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