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Fortnite Crossover Event Featuring Wreck-It Ralph Likely Coming Soon

Fortnite Crossover Event

Remember when Thanos entered Fortnite for a limited time event? That was pretty cool and now, it seems like Wreck-It Ralph, from the upcoming Disney film, Ralph Breaks the Internet, is coming to Fortnite. We know how Epic likes to tease stuff before releasing it in their ever-popular Battle Royale mode for Fortnite and when the official Twitter account for the film steps in as well, then a Fortnite crossover event feels almost certain.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet releases in cinemas this Friday for South Africans. If a Fortnite crossover event does take place, we can expect the event to kick off soon, as the film already released in the US on 21 November. Last week, a Fortnite streamer Mozzzyy saw Ralph appear on the big screen in the Risky Reels theatre in a match already and uploaded the clip to Reddit.

That could have just been seen as some promotion for the upcoming film and not confirmation that a Fortnite crossover event is happening. This weekend, however, Ralph showed up again on the official Fortnite Twitter account in a clip showing off the new dance emote, Hot Marat.

That’s cool and all, but it is also not an indication that Ralph is actually coming to the game. However, what the film’s official Twitter account said certainly could be. The Ralph Breaks the Internet Twitter account replied to the dance emote, stating the following:

Hey , Ralph is on the loose! Keep an eye on your servers

Obviously, nothing has been confirmed so far but it wouldn’t be surprising if Epic just unleashes a Fortnite crossover event sometime this week, or even early next week for that matter.

For those who haven’t seen the trailer for the Ralph Breaks the Internet film, check it out below, it looks quite awesome.


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