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Law Firm Aggressively Suing Bethesda Over Fallout 76

Fallout 76

American law firm, Migliaccio & Rathod, is aggressively seeking legal action against Bethesda over its 2018 game, Fallout 76.

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The law firm is coming after Bethesda’s “arbitration agreements” which essentially allows the game developer to avoid class actions against it. The law firm is seeking justice for its clients, coming after Bethesda for Fallout 76. In an Instagram post, the law firm gives some background info on the legal issues it has against Bethesda for Fallout 76:

Bethesda Game Studios released the video game Fallout 76 in November 2018, which it had marketed for months as a premium game that consumers had to pay premium price to play. Unfortunately, when the game was released, technical errors severely compromised playability and the game was, at best, more akin to an early “beta” that no one would have paid full price for. Consumers demanded refunds in droves but Bethesda refused. The consumers came to us.

However, due to judgment in another 2018 case – Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis – Bethesda, and other big companies, can avoid certain class action suits thanks to fine print “arbitration agreement”. This didn’t deter the law firm, which is hell-bent on going after Bethesda for what it claims to be deceptive practices surrounding the release of its Fallout 76 game. The law firm believes that these “arbitration agreements” are unfair for individual consumer rights, explaining that:

By preventing class actions, corporations can make it economically impossible for individuals to vindicate their rights for claims that concern only a relatively small amount of money.

The law firm’s Instagram post is accompanied by a photo of a box of letters of demand the law firm claims to have sent to Bethesda, demanding that the game developer refund individuals. In terms of these “arbitration agreements“, Bethesda has 26 days to respond to the letter of demands. Failing which, the law firm is prepared to take Bethesda to “hundreds of arbitrations and the full weight of Arbageddon will be upon them“.


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