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Dying Light 2 E3 Gameplay Demo to be Revealed This Month

Dying Light 2 Techland Dying Light 2 gameplay

During E3 back in June, Techland showcased a gameplay demo of the upcoming Dying Light 2 which was only seen behind-closed-doors. We did not get a chance to see it unfortunately but from what we have heard, it is quite a step forward for the series.

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Techland will be releasing that same gameplay demo video of Dying Light 2 later this month on 26 August 2019 as they let the world digest the game for themselves.

The gameplay demo will be going live on the official Dying Light 2 YouTube channel and expect it to be of a decent length.

Dying Light 2 features some brand new systems which advances the game into a whole new territory. Players must make decisions which impacts the game world and changes the environment completely. Combat has been completely rebuilt and exploration has been improved allowing you the freedom to move across the city with ease.

The infected have become even more deadly and at night the gameplay changes as the evolved undead roam the streets presenting different ways to approach the gameplay. Of course, the fantastic co-op returns and players will be able to play the whole game in 2-4 player co-op.

As the world changes depending on your choices, jumping into other player’s games will present you with a whole new experience depending on the choices that said player made during their playthrough.

Dying Light 2 will also be making its way to next-gen hardware as the game has been built for PS5 and the new Xbox console too. Expect to be playing it for years to come as Techland’s ambitious zombie game takes players into new territories in gaming never experienced before.

Dying Light 2 is expected to release in early 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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