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Dota 2 Pro Who Made Racist Remarks Now Without a Team

Dota 2 pro who made racist remarks

Last week, Valve took a strong stance against racist remarks made by Dota 2 pros, condemning the action. This happened due to recent events, starting with a Dota 2 pro who made racist remarks against Chinese players. The 17-year-old compLexity Gaming player, Andrei “skem” Ong seemed to have set something in motion with his racist taunt during DreamLeague Season 10.

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At the time, compLexity punished the player with a formal reprimand and a maximum fine, but many fans felt as if this wasn’t enough, including myself and members of the local Dota 2 groups. Now, the organization has announced that Andrei “skem” Ong has been moved to an inactive status in the team while they help him find a new team to compete and play with.

Lets face it, after the racist taunts and the negative publicity surrounding the incident, and the fact that Valve jumped in and took a stance, no top-tier team would probably even consider the player at this point. However, there seems to be more going on with compLexity.

Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao and Jingju “Sneyking” Wu have requested to be released from the roster. Yes, arguably the two best players on the team want to leave as well. This means that the compLexity roster remaining is:

  • Linus “Limmp” Blomdin
  • Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman

The COO and General Manager of compLexity, Kyle Bautista, made the announcement in a short video which you can watch below. The organization further noted that they will have details on new Dota 2 members in the coming days. compLexity isn’t done, so don’t worry about that. However, you won’t see Sneyking, EE or skem playing for the team anymore.

What do you think about the whole ordeal over at compLexity? Let us know in the comment section below.


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