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It Took 20 Years to Beat this Difficult DOOM Record for the First Level


Speed running a video game is almost like a form of art, with these gamers mastering a game and beating levels faster than anyone else. It’s particularly fun (and challenging) to beat a DOOM record, thanks to the in-game timer, which you see at the end of every level you’ve completed in the game. Now a 20-year DOOM record has finally been beaten for the first level in the game.

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The DOOM record was set in September 1998 for the first level of the game, which only took 9 seconds to previously compete. What makes the defeat so impressive is how the in-game timer rounds off time. The game doesn’t give fractions of seconds, and it always rounds up instead of rounding down when it comes to time. This means that if a player finishes a DOOM level in 9.2 seconds, her time will be 10 seconds, instead of 9 seconds. This meant that to beat the 20-year old DOOM record, players had to shave a full second off the speedrun.

Now, the DOOM record set all the way back in September 1998 has been beaten. What makes this feat even more impressive, is that the speedrun was done on Ultra Violence Speed. This meant that the first level of the game had to be completed as fast as possible, with enemies enabled. This meant that each run of the level was different, and allowed for no errors as you needed to shave off a full second of time to beat the DOOM record for the first level.

YouTuber, Karl Jobst takes us through how this record was broken and also gives you a good break down of how speedruns work in games. You can watch the video below, explaining the techniques used to achieve this.

You can watch how the DOOM record was beaten below.


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