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Diablo 2 Producer Says Blizzard Doesn’t Understand Gamers Anymore

Diablo 2 Producer

As a massive Diablo fan, sitting through the entire BlizzCon opening ceremony just to see the Diablo: Immortal reveal right at the end, was probably one of the most disappointing gaming experiences I’ve had this year. It almost felt like Blizzard was completely out of touch with what fans wanted and fans are outraged. But what about the professionals who know the franchise extremely well? Mark Kern, a Diablo 2 producer, also seems to think that Blizzard doesn’t understand gamers anymore.

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First off, Mr Kern addressed some crazy theories that have been thrown around in the defence of Diablo: Immortal. Yes, some people are defending Blizzard apparently, saying that gamers are “entitled” or that the Diablo community is “toxic”. Mr Kern states that:

Blizzard gamers are not smugly “entitled.” Nor are they toxic, and they most certainly are not made about a mobile version of Diablo because they hates the wemyzn (the craziest blue-check theory I’ve seen so far).

By the high heavens! Those are truly some crazy theories. The simple fact of the matter is that Diablo has always been on PC. Keep in mind that Blizzard currently has no plans to bring Diablo: Immortal to PC in the future. Even if it does happen, always remember the whole Blizzard “soon” thing.

As a Diablo 2 producer, Mark Kern probably knows a lot more about the franchise and inner-workings of Blizzard then any of us. So what does Mr Kern think is the route of the issue? Well, simply put, Blizzard doesn’t understand gamers anymore. Mr Kern explains that:

Since I was producer on Diablo 2, a lot of people have been asking for my thoughts on the whole “Diablo Immortal” fiasco. I hate to say it, but what you are seeing is Blizzard not understanding gamers anymore.

I, for one, believe that to be the root of the issue as well. There is simply no way that they would have announced Diablo: Immortal without at least teasing Diablo 4 or something for PC, except if the team was out of touch with what gamers want. Let’s face it, nobody wants this amount of bad publicity on a newly announced game.

Check out the gameplay video now sitting on 163,000 dislikes on YouTube. Then, tell us what you think about Mark Kern’s comments and the whole Diablo: Immortal fiasco.


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