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CS: GO Survival Mode Could Release This Week in a Massive Update

CS: GO massive update

It’s been a long time since anything really big happened in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and we are long overdue for the next Operation to release. Sure, the Halloween event was nice, but it wasn’t that exciting as Valve just continues to tinker with map balances. Well, this might all change this week as a massive update is said to arrive, likely bringing a CS: GO Survival Mode as part of a new Operation to the game.

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All signs point toward the next update being a massive one and likely contain a CS: GO Survival Mode on a map called Blacksite. This will probably be some time of Battle Royale mode for the game but don’t expect anything as big as 100 players, but instead, a smaller version of the highly popular genre baked into CS: GO. First up, although the survival mode has not been confirmed by Valve, we do know something big is coming.

The official CS: GO Twitter account change its icon to a silhouette of a character with a red background. Then, Valve also Tweeted out this little gem just after 12 last night.

Wednesday in the US could mean we only get the update here in South Africa on Thursday morning, but the excitement is definitely overflowing right now. We haven’t had a new Operation since Hydra and a CS: GO Survival Mode has been rumoured to be in development for a long time now.

Nors3 on Twitter even showed a screenshot of the CS: GO Survival Mode being tested on a map called Blacksite, further pointing towards an imminent release.

We haven’t had a new Operation since the release of Hydra, so the wait has been a long one. For all intents and purposes, the wait seems to be coming to an end. We will keep you up to date with the latest information as it gets released.

Are you excited for a CS: GO Survival Mode and a new Operation? Let us know in the comment section below.


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