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New Non-Special Event Concurrent Fortnite Players Record Reached

Fortnite Season 8

It seems like players are still flocking to Fortnite. This battle royale game from Epic Games doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down any time soon. A new record high amount of concurrent Fortnite players has been reached, despite there not being a special in-game event happening or patch released to draw players to the game.

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Epic Games has confirmed that 7.6 million concurrent Fortnite players were playing the battle royale game last Saturday, 16 February 2019. During this time, there were no special in-game event or new patch or anything like that happening to encourage players to play the game. So, this was all Fortnite, with nothing special happening in the game at the time.

A recent record was also reached in terms of concurrent Fortnite players. This was during the in-game concert from EDM DJ, Marshmello. The concert drew in more than 10 million concurrent Fortnite players. These numbers don’t even include the people who streamed the concert on Twitch or the 27 million people who watched the recap of the in-game concert on YouTube.

Fears that other battle royale games, like the popular new one from Respawn Entertainment, called Apex Legends, will be stealing some of the Fortnite players, seem to be unfounded. Fortnite remains a popular game and brands, like Samsung, are riding that popularity wave too, with an exclusive Fortnite skin given to those who preorder the new Galaxy S10 Plus. The game’s popularity has unfortunately also caused brands who aren’t officially associated with the game to take advantage of its popularity, like a recent disastrous Fortnite event over which Epic Games is suing the organisers.

The concurrent Fortnite players might see another increase soon, as the game is gearing up for its Season 8 event. Players have been experiencing earthquakes in the game, the map’s been cracking and a new hoverboard was released ahead of the launch of Season 8, which starts on 28 February 2019.

Are you still playing, and loving Fortnite?


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