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Chicken-Themed Fortnite Skin Designed by 8-Year-Old Releases in the Game

Chicken-Themed Fortnite Skin

Earlier this week we talked about the possibility that the Chicken-Themed Fortnite Skin who was co-designed by eight-year old Conner Foust might make it into the game. It did happen and you can now purchase it as the Tender Defender outfit in Fortnite’s Item Shop. It is such a feel-good story and just what we needed as 2018 draws to a close.

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The Chicken-Themed Fortnite Skin that made it to the game doesn’t look exactly like the one the kid designed, but the resemblance is very clear. Conner’s dad wrote a touching thank you note on Reddit to Epic Games, everyone who supported the initiative, and those who assisted with the final design.

We are so excited. I surprised Connor with the skin (right before we had to leave to an event) and he and his brother loved it. Thanks to everyone on Reddit who made this possible. You made his day. He is sporting a permanent grin. You guys made me the coolest dad alive.

Even more surprising than Epic Games releasing a Fortnite skin co-designed by a fan is the fact that they paid the family. The amount wasn’t disclosed, but it does highlight the controversy around Rappers demanding Epic pays them for using their dance moves as emotes in the game.

The Tender Defender skin costs 1500 V-bucks and comes with the slogan “Protect Your Nuggets.” The whole outfit is called “Fowl Play” and also includes the Flappy Flyer rare glider (800 V-bucks), the Hatchback ( to adorned your back, and a whisk called the Scrambler (500 V-bucks).

Some dreams do come true. Thanks Epic!

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