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Chicken-Themed Fortnite Skin Designed by 8-Year-Old Could Make it to The Game

chicken-themed Fortnite skin

Everyone and their cat knows how much of a global success Fortnite is. Which such success comes passionate fans from all ages across the globe. Now, something pretty cool is happening, as it seems a chicken-themed Fortnite skin designed by an 8-year-old  could be making it to the game soon.

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It’s always awesome to see player-designed stuff coming to a game and when it is from a young child, it makes things even better. Two months ago, Reddit user Tfoust10 posted an image and noted that his child has been consistently asking him to submit the suggestion to Epic Games. Since then, the post has gained a whole lot of support and following, with over 40,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

Then, Reddit user Etsyturtle2 created a detailed drawing based on the 8-year-old’s submission. The skin is called Tender Defender also known as Chicken Trooper. Check out the child’s image on the left and the updated one on the right.

Chicken Defender fortnite

Now, Redditor Etsyturtle2 told the community that the skin is on its way to the game. More evidence suggests that the skin is indeed coming to the game as data miner FBR Fortnitee posted images from the game’s files on Twitter, showing a skin called Tender Defender. Best of all, it looks exactly like the drawing of Etsyturtle2.

That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Although there is no official release date for the skin yet, there is no doubt that it will be coming to the game soon as it is already in the game’s files, after all.

Are you excited about the chicken-themed Fortnite skin and what do you think about its origin story? Let us know in the comment section below.


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