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Backpack Kid Suing Epic Over Floss Dance in Fortnite

Backpack Kid Suing Epic

Fresh of the heels of Alfonso Ribeiro, the guy behind the Carlton Dance, filing a lawsuit against Epic Games for stealing his dance, yet another dancer is doing the same thing. We have all seen the “Floss Dance”, made popular by Katy Perry in various performances by the “Backpack Kid”. Well, he is also not happy with Epic raking in the dollar over his dance which became a world-famous sequence.

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According to TMZ, the backpack kid, backed by his mother and his manager are filing a suit over this floss dance which has become a major part of Fortnite’s cultural identity. Russel Horning, claims that his dance has been used without permission. He made up the dance and posted it on Instagram a while back in which he was discovered after the dance turned him into a viral sensation.

Horning does have a past with Epic Games, however. He performed for the studio at the game’s E3 Pro-Am and did the exact dance on stage. At that stage, Horning had no issues with the dance being in the game as when asked by TMZ whether or not he should get anything he replied: “it’s not that big of a deal, I’m just glad it’s in the game”.

It seems that he has changed his view on the situation now seen as everyone is jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon against Epic Games. We will update you as the legal proceedings continue.

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