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Apex Legends Season 3 Has a New Map That Could Finally Bring Life Back to the Game

Apex Legends Season 3 Crypto World's Edge

Respawn Entertainment has revealed Apex Legends Season 3 and it is bigger and better than anything announced for the game in the past. Apex Legends Season 3 will feature a brand new map and will be landing in the next few days.

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The new map is called World’s Edge and is described as “where molten heat and chemical ice collide” giving us hints that players will face some harsh environments during their run-through of the new map.

The trailer, which is not in-game footage, shows a lava-filled battlefield on one side with an icy and frozen centre in the middle. There is also a new industrial area. The biggest new change to the map is a moving train which will ride across the map throughout the match adding new combat opportunities and mobile elements to the World’s Edge map.

But the new map is not the only thing coming to Apex Legends in Season 3. Respawn also revealed a new Legend Crypto. Both of these new additions will be landing in the game on 1 October 2019. All we can hope for is the game receives new content in the future on a regular basis. You can read all about Crypto here.

Apex Legends is struggling to keep up with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG as the latter has multiple playable maps and Fortnite has one map that is constantly changing.

We revealed a few months ago that the player’s numbers for Apex Legends were dwindling so hopefully this new content brings more players back to the game. This new strategy from Respawn Entertainment looks promising.

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