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Anthem Executive Producer Squashes Game Delay and Next-Gen Release Rumour

Anthem Delay

Anthem is looking awesome. If anything, it could be one of 2019’s biggest games and it has already built up a great fanbase in anticipation for its February 22 release date. Rumours started to swirl around the net about a possible game delay which could be believable given EA even delayed Battlefield V to polish it up.

RuthenicCookie started the rumour on Reddit about the game’s possible delay. While we should never believe anything we read on Reddit, this user has had a decent track record with game news. He even spoke about Sony ditching E3 2019 before it even happened. RuthenicCookie posted saying “Anthem is a mess on this-gen consoles, it is going to get delayed again”.

The Reddit user also mentioned that Bioware is also working on a PS5 devkit and porting Anthem to the platform. However, all his claims came crumbling down thanks to Anthem’s Lead Producer Ben Irving who posted on the game’s Discord server during a gameplay session saying “Are you talking about Anthem being delayed? – That is not a thing”. Mark Darrah, the game’s Executive Producer also took to Twitter to clarify that there is no delay.

As for the game being in development for next-gen, that is completely plausible as it is releasing quite far into the PS4 and Xbox One’s life. We would not be surprised if EA does release it again as a PS5 and whatever-Microsoft-will-call-it console. Anthem is planned for release on 22 February 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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