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Neill Blomkamp Shows How He Filmed Anthem Short in New Documentary


Just before Anthem released back in March of 2019, Oats Studios and EA Games released a pretty awesome (and probably better experience than Anthem) Anthem short film trailer. The short film titled “Conviction” was a deeper look at the world of Anthem and its characters, setting and Javelins.

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South Africa’s own Neill Blomkamp was the man behind the trailer which was fitting as Neill is a big fan of mechs and robots seen in his films Chappie, District 9, and Elysium. The Johanessburg-born director took on the project and it was a massive success clocking in at over 4 million views on the Oats Studios’ channel alone.

The new behind-the-scenes short film is a 30-minute look at the production of the Anthem Conviction filming from the casting to the camera shots and the way Neill Blomkamp brought it all to life on a project he has never worked on but has always wanted to tackle.

The short film reveals some interesting facts about the world of Anthem and how the studio worked on the shooting and production of the trailer. One interesting point reveals the studio actually planned on having actors sky diving through the air in Javelin suits while a drone followed them. This was cut from the production as they went with wind tunnels instead. It is a cheaper and more effective option.

Even if Anthem is a pretty mediocre experience, the trailer was fantastic and felt like the beginning of a wonderful feature film. Although it was for a game, this behind-the-scenes short is great to watch even if you played the game once or twice as it gives some great insight and visuals into the trailer.

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